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About Our Chambersburg Area Gift Shop

She has the soul of a gypsy, the heart of a hippy, and the spirit of the fairies. Hip Gypsy Emporium is where you can find retro items to unleash your inner hippy, flower child, biker or free spirit. With treasures reminiscent of the 60s, 70s and 80s, you may enter as a guest, but will leave belonging to our Hip Gypsy tribe.

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The Treasure Hunt

We carefully collect unique treasures to help inspire your inner spirit to live creatively. Browse our extensive inventory and select from jewelry, top hats and clothing, soaps and oils, teas and honey, gnomes, fairies and mermaids for the magical home and garden and so much more – let your imagination run wild.

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Our Background

Once upon a time, there was an elementary school in Duffield, PA. It brought happiness and learning to the people of the community. Keeping that dream alive, two sisters infused their childhood dreams of one day owning a Christmas shop. And so the school and the sisters would come together. In 2014, we received the keys to our enchanted kingdom, Hip Gypsy Emporium. Bringing good vibes, energy, love and support – we created an eclectic menagerie of treasurers for body, mind, spirit and nest! As our tribe expanded by villages near and far, we unwrapped our ultimate dream of Christmas 365! Magical dreams can come true when two little girls grow up to be Hip Gypsies.

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Magical Mystery Tour

(otherwise known as a calendar of events)


Celebrating the seasons, we hold 3 festivals annually: Spring, Summer and Fall Duffieldfest. Far from traditional tea tasting events occur March, October and December and a few surprises could be thrown in. Body, Mind, & Spirit events have included: oil trainings, spiritual healing, yoga classes, drum circles, paint nights and more! Encourage your inner spirit to live creatively by visiting Hip Gypsy Emporium soon!